#5 - Loosen the chain and remove your Texas Fence Fixer from the wire. If the wire still feels a little slack, simply move up the fence line and repeat. Two repairs are still faster than a pair of chain strainers.

#2 - Standing alongside the tool, bring the handles together to stretch the wire as tight as possible, forming a loop in the fence wire. Secure the tool in this position by attaching the chain to the notch in the right handle.

#4 - Insert fence pliers handle (or any tool) into the loop. Wrap the loop around the spare wire. Continue until loop is completely closed around the spare wire. The more you twist the tighter the repair gets and the easier it is to remove the chain.

There's no faster, more permanent way to take the slack out of your fence line. The Texas Fence Fixer works with barbed wire, electric fence wire, horse fencing or net wire fence. This unique tool is simple in design and easy to use. The Texas Fence Fixer is durable and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Use the Texas Fence Fixer anywhere along the fence line and the result is a neat, tight wire. There is no need to remove staples or tie wires. Since a repair can normally be done in approximately 60 seconds, simply go a few yards down the fence and tighten it again. The tool is especially useful on water gaps and short runs such as garden fence, corral fences and turning wings. Rely on the Texas Fence Fixer to save your time and your fence.

Texas Fence Fixer

#3 -Lay a short length of spare wire across the face of the tool and wrap it around the stretched fence wire, making sure to get at least 2 full wraps on each side. Ensure the spare wire is long enough to reach both sides and lays nice and flat across the tool. Any kind of strong wire will work.

#1 - Choose any convenient point along the slack fence line to make the repair. Spread the tool handles and place the slack wire in jaw slots.