Super Slicer 11 Bale Processor 

The DewEze Super Slicer II offers a reliable one-man operation for increased productivity. Over 15 years of field-testing know how is your guarantee to efficient feeding. Even through the worst winter conditions. The Super Slicer II allows you to keep the leaves at feeding time that you worked so hard to preserve at baling time. The hydraulically (or optional PTO) powered sickle, slices through wet, frozen or even tight bales with minimum or no waste and full bale feeding control.  The patented Sickle Guard keeps the sickles close to the top guard ensuring a good cut rather than clumped hay.

Adjustable sickle, 3 to 6 inches, with newly patented stub nose guards
One spot easy string removal
Two hydraulic orbit motors with two manual adjusted flow controls
Three Chain drive for maximum feeding
Feeds the entire bales
Lifts, loads, transports and feeds from your tractor or pickup in one operation
Self loading with double bale capacity
Uniform feeding without leaf loss
Available as stationary unit for mixing/grinding
All hydraulic operation or optional PTO drive
Due to an increasing demand, many hay producers have started using a Super Slicer to rebale round bales into small squares.  The Super Slicer processes hay into a windrow or directly into a square baler without destroying hay quality.  With low horsepower requirements, minimal dust and quiet operation, The Super Slicer is the most cost efficient option in today's market. 

Super Slicer II Dimensions & Specifications

Pick Up Lift Cylinder: 4" x 18"
Transport Width: 8' 6"
Working Width: 12' 4"
Height: 9'
Length: 12' 4"
Min. Hydraulic Requirements: Dual Tractor Hydraulic Outlets & 12-15 GPM Flow at 1800 psi

Flow Controls: For Variable Speed of Sickle & Slats
Options: 540 PTO Drive for Hydraulic
Warranty: 1 Year

Super Slicer can also be used for Stationary Re-Baling or Putting Hay Back into a Windrow