Giant Rubber Water Tanks

Don't waste any more money on tanks that just won’t last! Our giant rubber tire water tanks are the toughest tanks available. With sizes ranging from 5-13 feet with capacities up to 2000 gallons/  These tanks will resolve your livestock water tank requirements forever. They are indestructible - resist bullets, ice, bulls, weather, rust and will last for generations. They also are government approved for cost share programs and easy to install. The tanks were originally tires which were used on earth-moving and mining operation trucks.

We slice off one side of the tire leaving about a 24 inch high wall to create the tank. The tank is then set at the water source, filled with concrete in the inside center and backfilled for stability. Tire tanks are great for use in developing springs with gravity-feed and are perfect for pressurized water lines, hydrants and pond siphons as well as installed with overflow pipe or a float valve.  

We can provide you with fast and simple instructions for installation. We also can provide float valves and all the parts neccessary to have your tank ready for use.