Alexander Livestock handles a diversified line of equipment for the agriculture industry. We pride ourselves in handling only quality equipment. Equipment should not be purchased on price alone. Consider the value of the equipment.
Is the product durable, safe and easy to use? Does it have a warranty? What type of service and support can be expected? We try to help answer these important questions.
We view our customers' purchase of equipment as a long-term investment that, over time, pays the customer dividends in the form of labor savings and safety.
It is essential to properly match the equipment to the customers' needs. We use our hands-on experience with the equipment we sell to educate the customer, allowing him or her to make an informed decision. Alexander Livestock is committed to supplying quality equipment with service and support before and after the sale. Our goal is to provide the agricultural producer with equipment that is safe and easy to use, while helping to increase production. This adds value to their operation.
Product lines include Titan West Inc., AerWay, Sioux, DewEze, For-Most, Central City Scales, Power Post Driver and more.