Available sizes:

13.5″ (H) x 28″ (W) x 10′ (L)
8″ (H) x 28″ (W) x 10′ (L)

Corrosion resistant galvanneal steel construction, 14 ga. Tubing, 16 ga. Sheet

Cattleman across the country recognize the most costly practice associated with raising beef cattle is feeding stockpiles forages.  Extra feed savings can be obtained with the Bextra West Bale Feeder in addition it comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Bextra West Bale Feeder was designed by Trevor Lienemann, Owner & Operator of Lienemann Cattle Co.  After multiple years of development & field trials, they are now readily available. 

Hay savings are up to 70% over conventional feeders & consistent with more costly & cumbersome cone feeders.  Guaranteed for 5 years that your animal won’t tear it up.  It’s unique design has the cattle eat from the bottom of the feeder in their natural grazing position.  It has indented uprights balance the bale n the the middle for minimal waste.  The feeder is manufactured with heavy duty 14 Ga. 1 1/2” galvaneal round tubing for extra strength & 18 Ga. galvaneal to prolong the life.  Heavy duty and made so there is no need for cattle to push on feeder.

Additional Features:
- Bottom & Balanced Feeding Equals Extra Dollar Savings
- Maximize Your Feed Dollars by Minimizing Your Feed Loss
- Convenience for All Feeding Applications
- Concept Engineered, Designed & Manufactured for Long Product Life
- Great for Adult and Young Cattle
- Performs Like a Cone Feeder w/ Less Cost and Maintenance

- Available for Round or Square Bales

EZMT Feeder

Bextra Basket

Bunk Feeders

Convert an existing Round Bale Feeder with the Bextra Basket Insert.  Bolts inside your current round bale feeder for added savings.  

Strongest, Most Versatile Feeder Around

This revolutionary feeder hydraulically dumps the trailer floor on each side for trouble-free cleanout, making it faster and easier than any other feeder on the market. Powered by your tractor or hydraulic truck bed, the EZMT also enables you to adjust the width of the trailer to accommodate both cows and calves, while allowing you to use the same feeder with a range of different-sized animals. Both Sides Dump For Easy Empty. Includes a Spring-Loaded Telescoping Hitch.

Available in 20' & 26' long
12-Guage Galvaneal
Floor Pan
4x6 Square Frame
32 Feed Openings

15" Tires NEW!
Valve Stem Guards
Sliding Tongue Extension
Reinforced Feeder Pan
Hydraulic Floor Dump
Hydraulic Width Adjust
5’6”– 7’ Width Adjustment

Bale Feeders