The OK Corral Buddy sets up in just minutes.  This bumper pull model can be towed at Highway Speeds.  Can haul up to 10 - 10' or 12' panels.  Optional 5 foot walk thru gates are available.  The Corral “Buddy” can be whatever you need it to be. It can be its own independent Corral or can be used in conjunction with any portable corral for increased capacity.  


OK Corral Buddy

OK Corral Senior - Holds Up to 200 Head

OK Corral Features:
5 Year Warranty Against Animal Abuse
3 Sizes Now Available
-Jr Corral (Holds Between 40-60 Head)  
-OK Corral (Holds Between 80-100 Head)
-SR Corral (Holds Up to 200 Head)
5' x 7' Front Compartment For Hauling or Storage
JR Corral Does Not Have 5' x 7' Front Compartment
Jr & OK Corral Set-Up in Less than 10 Min.
Sr. Corral Set-Up 20 Min or Less (2 People Recommended)
Gooseneck Hitch for Towing at Highway Speeds​

OK Corral Standard - Holds 80 - 100 Head

OK Corral

The  Standard “OK Corral” features a gooseneck hitch for easy transport at posted highway speeds. It and the “SR” Corral has a unique 5' x 7' front compartment, lined with “Galvaneal” sheeting to haul livestock, ATV, or supplies. The Standard and Junior size  system can be setup by one person in ten minutes on any ground terrain. Fully mechanical hand winches offer ease of set up without any electrical or hydraulic mechanisms to malfunction. The safety brake winches take the weight off of the panels and allow them to swing out easily from the main frame. 
Each size Corral folds out into two pens with a loadout/sorting alley in between.  Two 10’ Gates with spring-loaded latches provide access to the alley and pens.  When folded up for transport, the OK Corral, compares in size and weight of a 24’ stock trailer.  

OK Corral Junior - Holds 40-60 Head

​​OK Corral Options:

​- 5' walk thru gate- This option pins to the 18' panels for a gate to close the gap with ease.

- Walk Thru Gate in 24' Panels:  This option adds a gate to get to the outside of the Corral with ease.

- Portable Panel Hangers: Hang extra 8' Portable Panels inside the corral for easy access & storage.

Panel Supports: Add extra panel supports to the 18' panels for extra sturdiness.

- Receiver Hitch: This unit bolts into the back of the corral for towing a squeeze chute, loading chute, etc.

Horse Nose: This adds a head area for horses to the front compartment.  Can also be used for extra storage

Wheel Kit: Wheels can be added to the 18' panels of the Corrals for easier set up.

18' Panel Handle: Add a panel handle to the 18' panels for placing the panel in place

Spare Tire: Spare tire can be added to any Corral and mounted on the gooseneck. 

Windscreen: Windscreen can be added to all the panels for decreasing the light coming into the corral from the panels.

- Sheeting on Alley: Galvanealed sheeting can be added to the back 5' of the alley and the bi-fold gates.

Alley Frame: 30" Frame can be added to the bi-fold gates to help keep the width of the alley

Electric Jack: Install a electric jack with battery included for quick and easy hook up.