The easiest way to improve soil conditions for pasture and hay production.

AerWay Quick-Adjust models allow complete control of the type of soil treatment you want, from aeration, to over-seeding to renovation.

When to use the AerWay 
The AerWay should be used whenever compaction in the top 8" to 10" of the soil is identified as a barrier to achieving optimum pasture growth or hay production. AerWay is also the ideal preparation tool for over seeding pastures and incorporating fertilizer.

Your local agronomist or extension agent should be able to assist you with methods to measure compaction and advise on the timing of AerWay usage.

The maximum offset, 10 degrees, setting puts you in the renovation business.  Settings in-between give you maximum control for the results you want.

Aerway Aerator

Over-Seeding and Renovating
AerWay is the ideal implement for soil preparation for over seeding or renovating.

AerWay is your single most important pasture and hay implement

Simplicity, convenience, and versatility make AerWay the preferred aeration tool for thousands of pasture and hay producers. 
Here are some practical ways to make AerWay your most important tool for pasture and hay production.

​AerWay gives you unmatched versatility....

AerWay implements include adjustable models that give you control of the degree of aggression.  You can aerate, over-seed, or renovate with the same AerWay unit.  Adjustment takes just seconds.  

A straight, 0 degree, setting gives you aeration treatment with minimal disruption.​​

For best results, set the unit to 7 1/2 degrees or 10 degrees of offset, followed with the drag harrow.
Seeding can be done either beforehand or broadcast along with the AerWay pass.
The harrow ensures good seed-to-soil contact and helps level the ground disturbed by AerWay Shattertines.
Always aerate when the soil is dry enough for normal tillage. Do not try to aerate waterlogged soils.
Aerate perpendicular to the normal traffic patterns.
Be sure to have enough ballast weight to bury the tines to the hub.

When to expect results 
The aeration process directly affects root development both through loosening the soil and increased availability of air, water, and fertilizer. Results of a better, stronger root system will typically appear in subsequent year's production, however most AerWay owners report noticeable results within a few months. Regular aeration keeps your fields healthy and productive.

The world's best cattlemen and hay producers use AerWay

AerWay owners say… 
"I would like to tell the world what an AerWay can do. We cover about 2000 acres with ours. Over the 15 years I've owned the ranch I have spent close to $500,000 on dikes, ponds, and terracing to protect the land from runoff. If I had known what AerWay does, I could have saved most of the money. Anyone with a runoff erosion problem should buy an AerWay." Dallen Spendlove, Virgin, Utah 

Capitol Land & Livestock use their three 30 foot AerWay and Challengers to maximize their land potential. David Lehmann, General Manager of Outside Operations states: ""In our operation, it is critical to get winter grazing planted on time. We use our AerWay ahead of no-till drills. The AerWay loosens compacted soils to allow good seed germination of wheat, oats, and ryegrass. In spring, we use them to loosen compacted soils and to let fertilizer into the root system. Our AerWay have been an essential part of our grazing operation for the past six years." 
David Lehmann 
General Manager, Outside Operations 
Capitol Land & Livestock Co., Schwertner , Texas


Spring - AerWay is used to relieve compaction, manage crop residue and warm the loosened soil for better planting conditions. New pathways are created for air and water movement, while maintaining the valuable protective surface residue. Plants respond to these better soil conditions resulting in stronger roots and better yields. Farmers have commented, "Being good stewards of the land is important to them". With use of the AerWay they have noticed greater moisture retention, less runoff, less erosion and more efficient use of their time, fuel and fertilizer". 

Fall - Many AerWay owners use their machine to partially incorporate the protective crop residue. This contact helps to initiate and promote residue breakdown. AerWay'ing allows the soil to breathe taking in air and water, as well as benefiting from the freeze and thawing cycle during the winter. They find this practice helps soils warm and dry sooner in the following spring.