Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

Titan West Cattle Care Hydraulic Chute (Pictured with Bull Package)

Patented Hydraulic Neck Extender

Cattleman Hydraulic with Palpation Cage

Cattleman Hydraulic without Palpation Cage

Standard Features Include:

Titan West’s working chute is one of the strongest working chutes available today. It is a heavy duty, all steel unit, built to take abuse. The frame is of 2” square high strength steel tubing; with all stress points reinforced for added strength and durability.

A patented neck extender, also featured in Titan West’s Hydraulic Headgate, gently immobilizes an animals head to make quality vaccinations, implants, etc. The Combo model offers the same features of the Standard model with the exception of an additional palpation cage, accessible from both sides.

Other features include:
-Double action squeeze from both sides

-Dual Side Escape Doors

-Removable Chest Rest
-A "quiet package" that includes a Rumber floor for stable and sure footing for animals entering the chute. The Rumber flooring reduces the noise level and encourages a calmer environment. The Rumber floor is backed by a 5 year warranty.
-Unique crowd ahead bar encourages animals to continue moving through the chute
-A portable attachment for easy transport
-Scale systems are also an option for the Standard or Combo models

-Swing Arm Controls

-Hydraulic Width Adjustment

​-Fold Down Foot Doors

Cattleman Hydraulic Chute

Titan West's Hydraulic Chutes are specifically designed for ease of operation with the safety of both animal and operator in mind.  A heavy-duty steel frame is built to take abuse.  It is built with 2 1/2" square, high tensile strength 3/16" steel tubing with all stress points reinforced for added strength.  Features a Rumber Floor with a 5-year warranty adds durability and a more quiet operation for less stress on the animals and operator.  Additionally, durable 1/4" Rumber Sheeting foot doors also help reduce noise and lengthen the life of the chute.  Ball Bearing pivot points are featured at the bottom of the gates to further reduce wear.  Rubber inserts have been added at the pivot and slam points and the windows to decrease noise during operation.  Easy opening windows, which can be reversed and configured to your needs.  Optional window louvers can be added to any chute.


Controls are placed at waist high level, near the front of the chute for ease of working.  An optional rear remote valve can be added at the rear of the chute provides accessibility to operate the tailgate separately from the main valve controls.  A 3-horse power, single phase motor powers the chute's hydraulics with a vane pump for quiet operation.  Optional 8 Horsepower gas engines, as well as a tractor hydraulic hook up is also available power options.

Standard Models Working Dimensions: 96" Long x 71" Tall
Overall Dimensions: 76" Wide x 110" Long x 91" Tall

Bull Package adds 12" to the length of the Standard Chute and the package includes 2 Palpation Doors and has a common floor with the Chute.  Palpation Doors are covered with Rumber Sheeting.

Bull Package Overall Dimensions are 76" Wide x 122" Long x 91" Tall
Working Dimensions are 108" Long x 71" Tall

Both models feature a headgate with a patented, hydraulically controlled, "neck extender" with its own pressure controls.  The neck extender gently extends and holds the animal's head still while the animal is in the chute providing up to 15" of injection area on both sides of the neck. The Hydraulic Chute is backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

Additional Chute Options Include:
Side Escape
Hydraulic Width Adjustment
Window Louvers

Swing Arm Controls

Bi-Fold Foot Doors