Spinners and Risers for Unrolling Hay

Parallel Squeeze UnLoading

Parallel Squeeze Loading

660 Bale Loader

Pivot Squeeze Bed

Pivot Squeezed In

Pivot Squeezed Out

DewEze Bale Beds

- Bolt-on conversions that makes any flatbed into a big bale loader, transport/feeder.
- Hand Held Control- 20 ft. cord allows loading and unloading right from the cab
- Easy access to gooseneck ball
- Loads and carries 2 bales
- Unloads both bales, one at a time.
- Picks up bales from the end or the side
- Optional Under the Hood hydraulics
- Loads onto multi-bale carriers
- Unrolls whole or portion of a bale on the ground
- When not in use, the arms folds onto the edge of the bed to form side boards
- Quick and Easy Installation
- Low enough for easy gooseneck hookup

​DewEze Flatbeds have proven their durability and trouble free performance in livestock operations across the United States.  Simple maintenance done once a year keeps you up and going throughout the feeding season.  Its hard to find such a reliability in anything but DewEze!

First, bale beds with the remote control, use the unload function to lower the arms and then in the function to squeeze the bale.  After securing, use the load function to bring the bale on top of the bale bed and use the out function to release the bale.  For a second bale, repeat the process and push the first bale forward.  Reverse the procedure for unloading, all this from the comfort of your pickup seat.

600-700 Series Parallel & Pivot Balebeds

- Hydraulic System w/ Coupler at Rear of Bed- Standard, for moving implements and assisting with other chores
- Rugged Steel Construction
- Bed Sizes Fit any Single or Dual Wheel Pickup from 7' to 11' 10" Long
- Power Up/ Power Down Lifting Linkage
- Parallel Squeeze Arms or Pivot Squeeze Arms
- Arms fold down to from side rails when not in use
- Optional Spinners allow you to unroll your round bales and increase feed efficiency
- Polyurethane Paint has extra long gloss and toughness
- Optional 30" toolboxes and skirts are bolt-on with stainless steel latch, wide step and non-seize hinges.
- Fabricated steel cross-tube is full width and heavy steels covers keep dirt out.
- Wireless Remote Control- Standard with Clutch Pump Kit
- Optional Electric/Hydraulic Power Source
- Work Light Bracket Optional
- Zero-Leak Poppet Type Valve System
- Recessed Fuel Fillers
- Heavy- Duty draw bar.
- Sealed beam LED lights are rubber mounted for long life
- Receiver Hitch and D-Rings standard on 600/700 Series 
- Dual Lift Cylinders and Removable tailboard for servicing
- Slip Resistant Gatorhyde coating on Deck Surface
- New Headache Rack Design with single-piece louvers
- Enclosed gooseneck well with 10,000# Gooseneck ball allows for adjustable hitch placement

Benefits of Unrolling:

- Unrolling hay can save as much as 40% over feeding in a bale ring
- Spread your herd out so all can eat at one time.  Dominate cows tend to push weaker cows to the back when feeding in a bale ring.  This provides faster weight gain on calves because they are eating quality hay
- Unrolling reduces the need to re-seed bare spots left by rings
- Unrolling moves the manure around the pasture.  Reduces the need to fertilize.
- Pasture Recovery: Cattle will clean up hay better when bales are unrolled.  Piles of hay are left behind when fed in a ring.  This left over hay needs to be burned or removed to allow crop to recover.

Optional Across the Bed Toolbox & Swing Out Lights