Portable Tub

Titan West now offers many different Portable Tub designs for every operations needs.  Each Portable Tub allows you to go from transport to working cattle in 10 minutes.  Each unit features a full 10 ft. working tub, that folds to legal width for transport and comes either with a Twin Alley (also know as Side-by-Side Alley) or a 10' or 20' Single Alley.  The Tub Crowd Gate is a heavy-duty gate mounted on a 4-inch pivot post and fitted with a friction type, "No-Return Latch".  This latch allows the gate to be closed with just a push.  The latch will hold at any point inside the crowding area, providing the right amount of "crowd" for the situation.  For extra safety, additional positive latch cleats have been provided.   The "No-Return Latch" may be operated from outside the tub with equal ease.

A Twin Alley or Single Alley with palpation cage leads to the Working Chute.  The double alley allows for a continuous flow of cattle to your working chute, which results in working more animals in less time.  An open bar divider panel between the twin alleys that allows cattle to see each other, reducing stress and encouraging tandem flow.  The single alley option is 10' on the models with Squeeze Chutes attached or 20' long alley without a Squeeze Chute.  Folding "No-Backs" in each alley prevent animals from backing out of the alleyway.  Palpation access doors are featured on each side behind the working chute which has all the standard features of the Titan West Manual Chutes.  A removable hitch allows it to be stored out of the way of the working facility.  The Portable Tub is offered in Red or Brown.  Custom colors are also available.  The Portable Tub is backed by a 5-Year warranty against animal abuse.  This system works well with the "OK Corral" for a complete portable working facility.


Portable Tub w/ Twin Alley & Squeeze Chute             
Portable Tub w/ 20’ Single Alley (No Chute)
Portable Tub w/ Twin Alley & Utility Chute w/ Headgate  
Portable Twin Alley w/ Chute (No Tub)
Portable Tub w/ Twin Alley & Hydraulic Squeeze Chute   
Portable Tub w/ 10’ Single Alley & Hydraulic Chute
Portable Tub w/ 10’ Single Alley & Manual Squeeze or Utility Chute