Ranchers Sweep can be set up with a center exit or front exit and is completely reversible. The sweep is versatile enough for almost any application.  The sweep uses a "No-Return" latch, this latch is always locked once the gate is closed.  The sweep pen has 3 overhead supports for extra strength.  It is constructed of panels which are 7-Bar (69" Tall) and made with 1 1/4" square tubing.  Alley panels are made with Titan West's Heavy Duty Portable Panels.  The entire alleyway is adjustable from 15" to 30" and standard alley length is 20'. The Rancher's Sweep can be purchased with an optional dropgate at the exit of the tub.  Standard colors are Brown and Red.  Custom colors are an additional option.

Titan West Rancher Sweep

Stationary Tubs & Alleys

Titan West Stationary Tubs and Alleys​

Titan West's Cattle Working facility is designed to save today's cattleman time and effort while working cattle. There is no need to hire extra help with system. Your regular crew can handle the job easily, safely and in less time than ever before.

The basic Circular Working Facility consists of a 10 ft. half circle crowding area (tub), sorting cage, 30 ft. of curved alley, and 8 ft. of straight alley. The 10 ft. crowding tub is self-contained and is completely reversible. The crowd gate is a heavy-duty gate mounted on a 4 ½” pivot post and fitted with a friction type “No Return Latch” This latch allows the gate to be closed with just a push. The latch will hold at any point inside of the crowding area, providing the right amount of “crowd” for the situation. For extra safety, additional positive latch points or cleats, have been provided. The “No Return Latch” may be operated from inside or outside of the tub with equal ease.

The sorting cage provides access, from the tub, to two alleyways. This allows the operator the flexibility to use the crowding area for more than one purpose. The sorting cage may be placed at any point within the facility and is available in three directional versions.

The 30' curved adjustable alley is designed to handle cattle of all sizes. The width adjustment ranges from 15” for small calves, up to 30” for large exotic bulls. The curve prevents the animal from seeing what's ahead, which speeds the flow of cattle through the alleyway. The alleyway panels are 5 ft tall and mounted 8 inches off of the ground. This puts the top bar at 5 ft 8 inches, which is tall enough to prevent an animal from attempting to jump out. As a result the chances of an animal being injured, as well as the operator, are minimal. The lower 48 inches of each rolled panel is covered with Galvaneal Sheet metal to prevent an animal from being scarred by sudden movements.

To keep an animal from backing up in the alleyway, a chain “No-Back” is included in the basic system. The animal passes beneath the “No Back” and after the animal is past the “No Back” drops behind the animal, which prevents them from backing up. The chain “No Back” may be placed at any point in the alley and moved as conditions dictate.

Another feature of this system is on each curved panel 
has expanding metal sheets placed on them. As the 
width of an adjustable alleyway changes, so must the 
length of one side of the alleyway, if the alleyway's 
curve is to remain the same. The 8 ft. panel allows the
alley's width to change without the curve changing, 
which means the working chute may remain in the 
same location regardless of the width the alleyway is 
using. The EZ Adjust Frame has seven different 
alleyway spacing, ranging from 15” to 30”. To change
the alley's width, the operator simply removes a pin 
and adjusts the lever. The frame will adjust as easily in
freezing weather as it does in warm conditions because
all moving parts are at least eight inches off of the 

The Circular Working Facility is manufactured from square tubing for superior strength and construction qualities. The curved and straight panels are formed of 1 ½” square 14 gauge tubing bars, supported by two rows of cut and welded vertical supports. This construction gives the panels excellent rigidity and durability.

Frames and stress points are made with 2” square tubing offering additional support. These facilities are designed as a modular unit allowing them to be custom fit to a specific location, need or budget. All pieces are standardized to allow for future expansion, should only a portion of the facility be purchased initially. These systems can be installed as a permanent facility or used as a portable unit. Its “pin and loop” assembly makes setup a snap and provides for emergency access.Other alleyways available include Straight or Twin (Side by Side) that are available in lengths from 8' to 30' and custom sizes are available. Standard colors are Red and Klewein Brown. Custom colors are also available.