Titan West Manual Chute


Titan Working Chutes are designed to handle some of the largest breeds, yet versatile enough to accommodate small calves. Both the Standard & Combo/AI chute models, have a Manual Headgate or Self-Catch Headgate option. In addition, both chutes feature a double-squeeze action that firmly latches and gently holds the animal. Finally, both sides feature a side escape, as well as bottom width adjustment from 12" to 30". All Controls are easily reversible from left to right for each operating location. 

The Standard Model is one of the strongest working chutes available today. It is heavy duty, all steel unit, built to take abuse. The frame is built with 2 inch square, high tensile, strength steel tubing with all stress points reinforced for added strength and durability. A unique Rumber Floor with a 5-year warranty adds durability and a more quiet operation for less stress on the animals and operator. An optional grated floor with cleats every 12 inches provide extra traction.



Optional Features:
-Manual Neck Extender      - Portable Attachment       -Scales        -Bi- Fold Foot Doors      

- Grated Floor     -Chute Louvers         - Grooming Bars        - Horizontal Slidegate

Manual Squeeze Chutes

 Titan West Manual Chute with Palpation Cage

Equalizer Chute 

The Combo/AI model features all that the standard offers except it features an additional palpation cage with a common floor. The palpation cage is accessible form both sides and is adjustable in width. The cage will attach directly to the Titan West's Circular System. A standard feature for both models is a unique, manually operated crowd ahead bar that allows the operator to encourage animals to continue moving through the chute and prevents the animals from backing out of the chute into the alley way.

Also a standard feature on both models is a removable chest rest that mounts on the floor of the chute, near the front of the chute, which prevents the cows from kneeling down in the chute or small calves from laying down. Each Chute has a dropgate at the entry of the chute that is locked down when working to prevent cows waiting in the alley from opening the gate. The dropgate can also be locked up in two different heights for ease of loading the chute.  Optional split tailgate is also available as a standard feature.

It features a Straight Parallel Squeeze that Adjusts From 9" To 30".  This feature has Immediate Adjustment On The Squeeze with No Pins Or Bolts and has 1 Lever For Squeeze And 1 For Squeeze Release.  Side Escape on Both Sides with Branding Windows that can Swing Out Or Can Be Removed.  Also the Foot Doors Swing-Out Or Can Be Removed.  It also features Neck Access Doors Both Sides that stretch from the top to the bottom for ultimate access.  Flooring is a Blackwood Floor.

Other Optional Features Include:
Removable Chest Rest
Aluminum Tailgate
Palpation Cage
Portable Attachment


Overall Dimensions: 42" Wide, 85" Tall, 102" Long
Working Dimensions: 30" Wide, 72" Inside Height, 96" Inside Length
Weight: 1,480 Lbs