​Mainframe 2000 Wire Gates:
1 1/4" square tubing
4' thru 16'
48'' tall

​Horse Gates::

5 & 6 bar gates

Heavy Duty Gates:
1 1/2" square tubing
52" tall


Heavy-Duty Portable Panels

TITAN WEST'S portable panels are made with a 1-1/4", high-tensile square tubes and feature cut-to-fit, vertical-square-tube spacers every four feet. As standard equipment, Titan West installs a special unhook-prevention device on every portable panel. Panels available in 60” (6-bar) or 69” (7-bar) heights and 10', 12', 14' and 16' lengths.

After a Titan West gate, you will never need another

Constructed of high-tensile square tubing
Cut-to-fit upright spacers & reinforced hinges
Available in 2 styles
Custom gate lengths available upon request

Gates Available:

Standard Gates:
1 1/4" square tubing
48" tall

Sizes Available:

4' thru 20'
Custom lengths available

Cattle Gates:
6 & 7 bar gates

Paint Colors:
Custom colors available

​Crowd Panel Gates:
--1 1/2" square tubing
--48" sheet metal
--60" tall

Classic Portable Panels

- Made of 1.66" High-Tensile Round Tubing
- Perfect for Round Pens & Arena Applications
- Available in 10' & 12' lengths
- All Panels (Vertical & Horizontal) use 16-Gauge Tubing
- Standard Heights are 6-bar (60" Tall) or 7-bar (72" Tall)
- 5' x 9' Bow Gate

Portable Panel Trailer

Titan West’s Portable Panel Trailer is constructed of square and rectangle tubing for a lifetime of dependable service. The axle is 4" ID pipe, capable of safely transporting up to 30–10' or 12' portable panels. The trailer is equipped with a 2" heavy-duty, hammerblow coupler, sidewind jack and tie-down straps and15" white spoke wheels and tires.

Portable Panels & Panel Trailer

Continuous Fencing

Titan West's Continuous Fencing system is one of the most unique, and strongest livestock fences on the market. The fencing is ideal for use as a holding pen for cattle, bison, sheep horses, hogs and exotic animals. It also is ideal for arenas, round pens, stall runs, standard and decorative fencing. 

The durability qualities of workmanship makes this continuous fence a long-term investment. It is constructed of high tensile square or round tubing with six vertical upright supports every 4' on each 20' panel. We recommend square tubing for cattle, bison or even in use of crowd fencing applications. Square tubing offers added strength when compared to round tubing. The 1 ¼” Round tubing fence works best for horses because of its smoothness. Standard continuous fencing is available in 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 bar sizes. The fencing panels come complete with straight, 90 degree or special degree connectors and post clips. Post clips can be bolted or welded to the post depending upon the application. Optional features include endcaps.

Colors available include Red, White, Brown or Unpainted. Custom Colors are also an available option.

Bison Gates:

​7 & 8 bar gates