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Calving Pens

Titan West Calving Pen

The Calving Pen provides versatile applications for your cattle operation. The pens can be used to assist with the calving process, artificial insemination or as a sick pen. The standard 10 ft x 10 ft pen is portable for easy accessibility to the animal or can be set up in a building for a more permanent location. Advantages include simple operation, a low cost investment and are built strong for many years of use.

The safety for the operator and animal is a top priority in the pen's design which consists of 7-Bar side panels and is 69” Tall and is fabricated from 1 ¼” and 2” square tubing. Additionally, the pen includes a split squeeze gate allow nursing for C- Sections. Galvaneal sheet metal on the bottom half of the gate offers additional security. Another feature is for operator and animal safety, the pen comes standard with a stanchion headgate ‘with a rope close and emergency quick release. Its design also offers flexibility to use the rear frame and gate on either side. Standard colors include Red or Klewein Brown. Custom colors and sizes are also available options.

Calf Caddy

The Calf Caddy takes work out of sorting pairs while gently and calmly luring the mother cow anywhere. The Caddy allows one man to move a cow/calf pair with ease. It simply clamps on or off any 1 7/8” or 2” Ball on a bumper or drawbar.

Once the calf is positioned in the Caddy cradle to appear to be standing up, the instinctively follows. You can easily set up your calving operation to calve in one area and move the pair to another to keep you watching to a minimum. It also offers an easy way to tag, vaccinate and give boluses standing up, eliminating you from kneeling down and holding the calf. A quick detach allows you to take the Calf Caddy to the calf, load and easily carry with handles at waist level. Plastic protects the umbilical cord from freezing to the steel frame. The calf caddy is easily released by lowering the caddy to the ground.

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